Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today's Menu ~ April 12

On being socially responsible, please read Six Career Killing Facebook Mistakes.

In celebration, please read "Hands UP!"

NEW blog topic: For what can you celebrate? No, your response does NOT have to be in poetic format, BUT to do so would be a nice challenge!

Ducks GALORE Returns!

Choose or create a selection for our class anthology.

Enter one of two contests:

  1. Enter a title for our anthology.
  2. Create a cover for our anthology.
The Giver
  • Quiz!
  • Work on group presentation....present!
  • Let's meet Lois Lowery: via a word from her (check your Google Docs) and her blog Lowery Updates. Please add her blog to your Google Reader.

  • Discuss characterization and your group's created Utopias.

  • "The Red Wheelbarrow"...check here for some interpretations of this novel.

  • NEW BLOG POST TOPIC: Your turn...write a poem modeled after William Carlos Williams' poem.


  • Work on blog assignments.
  • Study Animal Farm vocabulary.

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