Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today's Menu ~ April 6

Planning time for your presentations...remember to practice! Yes, it is all in your presentation today! Think positive!

The Giver:

How much do you know about chapters 1-12?

Work on The Giver Vocabulary Google Presentation.

This novel's group presentation topics....

  1. What is it about Jonas's community that seems appealing? At what point are we convinced that, actually, something is wrong in with their way of life?
  2. The Giver asks whether it's worth sacrificing freedom, choice, and individuality for peace, contentment, and ease. Well…is it?
  3. This question is a little more complicated than we just portrayed . Life is not exactly a black and white choice between pain and freedom or happiness and subjugation. So where do we draw the line? How much freedom can we sacrifice in the name of safety? How much risk do we want to take for the sake of choice?
  4. Why does the community portrayed in The Giver sacrifice individual identity? What do differences have to do with instability?
  5. Rationalize, based on the novel, the setting (time, place, and culture) of this novel.

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