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Today's Menu ~ February 15

Shhh...Silent Sustained Reading.

Writer's Notebook/Blog Topic: The Winter Olympics have arrived. Think about the commitment, the determination, the pressure, the privilege, the reward...that each will receive, whether the representatives come home with medals or not. Now ponder on this question:

  • For what would you make such a commitment? Compare this commitment to someone else who has made such a pledge.
  • Turn this question into a statement and reflect on it in your Writer's Notebook in preparation for placing an entry on this topic on your blog.
  • Yes, you may draft on your blog!
  • Create at least one parallel structure within this post. (See below for an example.)


  1. Who vs. Whom: Click here to review!
  2. Passive vs. Active
  3. Phrases: Complete these three quizzes...Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3. In the Priest's first speaking part in Oedipus the King, identify one of each type of if the verbals is actually not a phrase, just a verbal.
  4. Phrase Test on Wednesday!

Taking a Stand:

  • Riddle of the Sphinx: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening? (What is parallel in this sentence?)

  • Compare Star Wars and Oedipus the King. Read here about literary connections.

  • Define archetypes. Read here about archetypes.

  • Define tragic hero. Defend or refute this statement: Oedipus was a tragic hero.

  • In your Writer's Notebook, respond to these questions: Is war ever just? When is it right to question authority?

  • Assign persuasive essay. Complete graphic organizer/outline. Draft introduction. Email introduction to before class on Wednesday.

  • Read Antigone page 13-35 for Wednesday.

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