Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today's Menu ~ March 1

Today, the Student Council and I are attending the district meeting.

Please turn in your example of pathos.

Now, email your essay to me at ...if you have not done so already.

Then, read the remainder of this post and complete the following:
  • Open this document and preview your next essay assignment.
  • You may read "Belief" and "A Short Jack London Biography" until no later than 12:20 for 3B and 2:00 for 4B.
  • Once you have read "Belief" and a biography of Jack London, log off and close your computer.
  • Read Call of the Wild for the remainder of the class.


  • Might consider taking notes or annotating as you read for evidence to support your chosen thesis. Please have all three sources read by Friday.
  • Continue to review your literary terms.

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