Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today's Menu ~ March 29

Welcome Back!

Early kick-off...April is National Poetry Month! I have accepted a challenge...want to be a part of the fun?

Utopia vs Dystopia Unit...continues.


Anthem overview

Today's poetic focus:

  • Please read this biography of Paul Laurence Dunbar and then read his poem "We Wear the Mask"
  • Terms to know...meter, rhyme scheme, paradox, alliteration, metaphor, apostrophe.
  • Be creative with your mask...using only colors, create a Utopian and a Dystopian mask.
  • Your turn...In a Google Doc, write a poem in response to today's discussion entitled either "I Wear the Mask" or "No Mask I Wear." Within the poem, create an appeal to pathos and use a minimum of one vocabulary word. Then share the document with me.


  • Complete your mask assignments: you via colors and your poem.
  • Study your vocab words. Use at least one vocab word in your poem.
  • Please finish Anthem...if you have not.

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