Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today's Menu ~ March 31

3B: I will not be there for most of your class.

BLOG Topics...so far:
  1. St. Patrick's Day...or Spring Break
  2. Recommendation of Anthem...or your "mask" poem.
So far, based on the "mask" poems that I have read thus far...VERY good job!
  1. Please re-read your poem, now that this work of poetic art has gone "cold," and proof for punctuation, for, unfortunately, your teacher does not approve of Emily Dickinson style of writing.
While the teacher is away, please work, in groups, on the following...remember, as you work, to keep our theme in mind: Utopia vs. Dystopia:

  1. TPCASTT "Emily and Elvis."
  2. Explain the significance of these similes in Anthem.
  3. Conduct a literary autopsy on Equality 72522.

Each of you must complete the three assignments above. You may either type them on the documents provided or fill out the provided hard copies.

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